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The Iperboat brand is a manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust risers for all types of marine engines.
The experience gained in the nautical sector as a shipyard has allowed us to create a well-studied product, different from those are currently on the market both in terms of materials used and technologies.

Our  risers are made of 316L stainless steel, they are designed to minimize welded joints and are welded with robotic island and certified welders, the thicknesses are increased compared to those of other manufacturers to ensure durability. We continuously invest in new machinery and in the added value given by the experience of our technicians to obtain the best product on the market.

The exhaust riser of a marine engine is the part of the engine that collects, mixes and expels engine cooling water and flue gases and is therefore a critical part of the direct or indirect cooling system of the inboard marine engine. It can be water-cooled and therefore provide an external jacket where the water circulates which cools the exhaust gases passing through the internal jacket, thus fulfilling its function.

Sometimes the risers can also be air-cooled and are covered with insulation or thermal blankets. In this case, the speed of the exhaust gases is gained, which are expelled faster from the engine and fewer polluting compounds are produced because the temperature remains higher.

Whatever the type of riser we produce them all. We produce both risers that are normally in production but also risers that are no longer marketed or custom risers that must adapt to specific needs.